Big Sur CA Surf Lessons

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DailyStoke teaches beginner surf lessons in Big Sur, California. A recent survey and study uncovered there are an estimated 37 million surfers worldwide, with 2.5 million recreational surfers in Australia.

Big Sur CA Surf Lessons

Surfing lessons are offered by Surfnschool IB, who offer training for all ages and abilities. they also have a maximum of two pupils per instructor, which makes the experience a lot more personal. They charge $125 for a private two-hour lesson, but two surfers can pay $225 for the same length of time. The option to call for bigger groups is also stated on their website. Boards and wetsuits are also all inclusive in their packages, their website.

The YMCA also run a camp surf for younger surfers to learn skills and have fun while doing so. Camp surf teaches the children involved to be independent riding waves and enjoying themselves. YMCA price their services in categories: the first is Mariners (grades 3-6)  with price A being the lowest at $643.50 for members and $715 for non members. Price B ranges from $688.50 – $765, and price C is between $733.50 – $815

Watermen ( grades 7-8) are the same price as above. Beachcombers (grades 9-11) range from $1287/$1430 – $1467/$1630 for two weeks. One week costs $643.50/$715- $733,50/$815, depending on membership. S.O.U.L surfers (grades 10-11) range from $1287/ $1430 to $1467/$1630. The camp assistants roles are a voluntary service so do not require any payment for the accommodation or surfing lessons; these are free of charge.

More information about the YMCA surf school can be found on their own website. This programme runs throughout the summer break.

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