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If you were selecting sports that have struggled for acceptance as a serious discipline, then artistic swimming would be high on anyone’s list. Formerly known as synchronised swimming it was a demonstration event in the Helsinki Olympics in 1952. It took 32 more years to make its official bow at Los Angeles 1984 where it was the butt of many jokes.

Its sporting credentials were questioned and it was deemed by some to be simply entertainment. Claims were made it was dumbing down the Olympics ethos. Today, however, it forms an integral part of both the world aquatic championships and the Olympics. You can of course bet on artistic swimming (during 2020 Summer Olympics) with the world’s leading bookmakers in the US (Betamerica) and in the UK (William Hill, bet365). Betting odds and bonus offers are available via mobile apps as well.

History of Artistic Swimming

When artistic swimming evolved in the late 19th century it was a male-only endeavour, known originally as water ballet. The first recorded competition was in Berlin in 1891 and during the 20th century it transcended into a female-dominated activity. The team and duet events can be mesmerising to watch, comprising of a series of synchronised lifts and movements set to music.

Despite opposition, mainly from Russia, water sports administrators FINA decided to rebrand it in 2017. Synchronised swimming became artistic swimming in a bid, FINA said, to attract a wider audience.

Artistic Swimming events to bet on in 2019

Artistic swimming forms an integral part of the World Aquatics Championships in Korea this summer, running from July 12-20. It includes mixed duet offering an opening for men to participate, along with women’s duet and women’s team. However, it remains female only in the Olympics.

The Russians appear sure to dominate in both the worlds and Olympics with Svetlana Romashina coming out of retirement to compete in Korea. The four-time artistic swimmer of the year will partner world champion Svetlana Kolesnichenko.

Artistic Swimming Betting

With Russia winning every medal at the Olympics since 2000, and dominating in the worlds, it would take a brave punter to bet against them. For better odds a forecast with the Russians and another team could be wise so keep an eye on the news with sites such as swimswam to find out who could challenge Russia’s domination. For live coverage check out finatv. If you want to place a bet on artistic swimming check betting sites such as Pinnacle, William Hill and Betfair to find out what odds they’re offering. Take advantage of the welcome bonus when you bet on Synchronised swimming at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics – BetAmerica offers 100% of your first deposit.

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