About DailyStoke.com

Dailystoke is focused on giving US sports bettors advice, free betting picks and information on the current promotions and last minute boosted odds updates from experienced industry figures before they gamble with their money, something that’s become more relevant in the United States as online sports betting becomes more common.

An increasing number of states have opened their doors to online sports gambling, and the list steadily continues to grow as governments see the benefit of legalisation within their borders. Now you can bet on sports online and via mobile apps in New Jersey, Colorado, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and soon in Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio and other U.S. states. 

The aim of Dailystoke is to give visitors free picks and sports betting predictions relating to their favorite sports (NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC and more), which we hope will enhance the betting experience while improving their chances of landing a winner. Dailystoke’s chief priority is to ensure users bet in a legal and sensible manner, making the most of their picks with bonus offers and boosted specials you won’t find elsewhere.

History: More than just a surf blog

According to the Urban dictionary, “surf stoke” is that feeling when you know you’re about to shred waves. When you go to bed after a day of surfing and you still feel like you’re riding your board. DailyStoke.com was created 10 years ago as a blog primarily about surfing. The site content was fresh and salty like an ocean wave. Now DailyStoke.com is not just a surf blog, but we still share opinions on the popular sailing destinations, recommend the coolest water sport gadgets, clothing and art. 

DailyStoke.com Team