Best essential sailing accessories to take on your sailing trip

DailyStoke Team

It’s hard to choose what to accessories to take on your sailing trip. Most accessories are for making your experience smooth during the sailing adventure. We have compiled a list of some of the best essential accessories that you should have on your next voyages.


Impact helmet


Accidents frequently occur, especially when sailing. Wearing a forward crossover impact helmet will protect your head from serious injuries. The helmet fits easily courtesy of the forward mini dial system. It has removable padded ear covers, and the interior is made of thermoformed foam that makes it very comfortable. They come in various colors, they are unisex, and one size fits all: 55-59cm / 21.5-23.25 inches. The price starts at $120.00.




When you’re offshore sailing, a good grip is equally essential. Zhik super warm gloves are purely designed for a molded fit. They are fast to dry on the inside and provides desired warmth. To reduce pressure points that are caused by seams, offset paneling is done on the weak points. They are very comfortable, flexible and with reinforced grip. The price starts at $59.95.


Solar light


Lighting is a necessity when you are sailing offshore. Luci outdoor 2.0 is the best that you can use (and reuse). It’s solar charged, it gets fully charged in 7-8 hours on a bright sunny day, and on a rainy day it can take up to 20 hrs. When handled with care a Luci can last up to 7 years. Its color & lux lights up an area of 14 square meters. The price starts at $19.95.


Sea boots


The boots are designed to be 100% waterproof, with a superior grip and a flexible performance. The inner sole is patented to provide comfort and insulating warmth. It’s easy to pull on handles enhances quick-wearing and removal. It’s unisex, lightweight and the sizes range from 6-13. The prices start at $299.00.




The visual effects that come with “jetty” sunglasses protect your eyes from direct sun rays and reduce itching. The frame is made out of flexible TR-90 material making it relatively light, and the lens is made from SR-91 polarized lens. It weighs 39g, and the face size ranges from medium to full. The color options are seaweed / G12 grey and black label / G12 grey-black mirror. The prices start at $229.00.

Photo by Kayle Kaupanger 

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