Watch out Surfer Magazine, there’s a new fantasy surfing game in town

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Fantasy surfing nerds rejoice!  Up until yesterday, I was totally Surfer Magazine’s Fantasy Surfer bitch.  That all changed when the Fantasy Action Sports League announced it’s own variety of the fantasy surfing game.

The folks at FASL are putting $30,000 in prizes up for grabs for their 2009 ASP World Tour fantasy surfing league, with more money on offer for single event top placements than you would find at some pro-am events.  I’m talking about $1,000 for the highest ranked player for each event, $500 for the second highest, $200 for third, and so on. Then FASL is putting up $5,000 for the overall season winner, $2,000 for second, $1,000 for third, etc.  The point is, money talks, and all of us want some. They’ll also be giving away a wide array of swag, including t-shirts, hats, posters, etc., over the course of the season.

The downside, if there is any, is that if you want to play it for the money and prizes, you’re going to have to put up a little money of your own.  $9.95 puts you in for the overall season purse, or you can pay $9.95 per event, to go for the individual event prize. For the season opener, the Quiksilver Pro on the Gold Coast, they’re offering a $17.95 starting package, which puts you in the running for the overall season prize money as well as the first event purse.  If you’re a gambling person, life just got a little more interesting. If you don’t want to throw your own money into the league, you can play for free, offering the same fun as the original Surfer Magazine game, without any of the prize money. For those that take the free route, FASL is throwing a Billabong prize pack to the overall free season winner, to entice you over to their game.

Two different leagues now means twice the time wasting fun.  Now, I’m only waiting for one of these sites to launch a fantasy surfing league for the World Qualifying Series.

Check out the FASL site and sign up before the Quiksilver Pro kicks off on the 27th.

Visit Fantasy Action Sports League:

The article was first published February 22, 2009

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