Taylor Knox replaces Kelly Slater on the totem pole

DailyStoke Team

Rip Curl took care of business on their website, and put team rider Taylor Knox on Surfer Magazines “Most Influential Surfers Of The Year” cover with Mick. Kelly Slater is out, and Taylor Knox is in there instead! It’s a complete joke of course, but it’s almost scary how much that looks like Taylor Knox right now with his frohawk, and trademark handlebar mustache. The new cover was found in Rip Curl’s pit boss, Matt Griggs, bathroom floor laying next to the toilet. The new cover was appropriately titled “Griggsy’s Most Influential Surfers Of The Year”, and he had originally blacked out every one’s faces but Mick & Taylor. Being from Carlsbad California myself, I support this completely.

It’s no secret that Kelly Slater and Taylor Knox are great friends, and who knew there’s a chance they could be related?! Here’s the new most influential surfer ripping the wave he loves most…

The article was first published December 28, 2008

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