Startup Creates Rash Vets Made From 100 Percent Recycled Ocean Waste

DailyStoke Team

An Irish startup company called Rashr is behind a line of rash vests made from 100 percent recycled ocean waste, aimed at the sustainable surfer.

Rashr spoke to Surfer Today and explained the vests are constructed from a “high-performance, sustainable techno-fabric made of 100 percent recycled polyester, which comes from pre and post-consumer waste.”

Despite coming from recyclable materials, the vests come in a range of wild colour schemes and are exclusively available via the Rashr website (prices range from €40 to €70).

The company said of their creation:

“All our vests are 50+ UV protective and have tested by athletes in many environments. It’s hard to believe that you are actually wearing recycled plastic.

“Overall, we are about doing our part to keep the oceans we love clean from plastic waste and having the best time in, on or around the water, wherever that may be.”

Photo by PicBon

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