Shakas Surfing Thoughts

DailyStoke Team

Driving down the highway the other day, early in the morning, I had my surfboards strapped to my surfmobile, looking on what was promising to be a totally flat day.

Passing me were some guys with the widest of grins and a pink and blue softboard on their roof. The passenger sent me a shaka. Ok, fine. Kooky, yes, and it was a bit awkward as I…errr…waved at them. I just felt a bit weird sending them shakas back. But then, I ended up having a fantastic session – I mean – awesome where I just felt great. And so, on my way back, probably because I was totally surfed out, hadn’t eaten breakfast, had a coffee, I was sending everyone – everyone – shakas. Dude on the bike with his stick? Shaka. Old guy headed to the break? Shaka. Is that inappropriate? Somedays I feel weird – by shaka-ing people. I’m not, after all, Hawaiian. But I am, after all, Mr. Kook.

What do you think? Stop now?

As always, don’t drop in.

// Mr. Kook

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