Jimmy Keith surfboards and Surfbutik in Wilmington, NC

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Jimmy Keith surfboards are made with precision and 20+ years’ worth of experience. Jimmy Keith make various different surfboard models, which can all be seen on their website. The models they make are: Carbonator performance shortboard, Magic Stick shortboard, whiskey fish, Grom model, shortboard, Queen Anne’s revenge and The Experience, to name a few.

Jimmy Keith also make custom-made stand-up paddleboards, which are designed for durability and performance. These boards are custom made to fit the customer.

You can also contact them directly if you’d like to order custom-made boards and schedule a consultation, so they know exactly what you want.

As well as creating their own surfboards, they also offer surfboard glassing of various different environmentally friendly materials.


The prices for these surfboards are not on the website. It seems as though you need to contact them directly in order to get the pricing for each surfboard—this is due to most of them being personalised and custom made for each individual customer.

They do, however, provide a link to another supplier that stocks their surfboards in store. Their website can be found here: www.southendsurf.com

Their website holds a lot of their contact information such as email address, telephone number etc and the various different models can be looked at in digital form on their official website.

You can also buy Jimmy Keith surfboards at South End Surf Shop. Wrightsville Beach, NC

Photo by Manik Rathee 

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