How to perform drop knee surfing technique?

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The drop knee surfing technique is a specific style of bodyboarding where it requires the surfer to ride on one foot and one knee. This technique can often be compared to the stance of a rifleman.

The drop knee technique is a hybrid of bodyboarding, surfing and knee boarding,. The drop knee technique always appears to be difficult, but it’s known to be easier than initially thought. It’s also regarded as the ultimate bodyboarding skill, so is an essential to learn.

How to perform a drop knee cutback! Tips from a Pro

The drop knee cutback is a traditional longboard manoeuvre from the early days of the sport—catching waves and nose riding—but it’s extremely difficult to turn. In order to attain the correct technique, your knees need to be in the centre of the board with a wide stance, as well as your legs close to the rails.

You also need to leave the back foot off the board and the front foot away from the nose. Once you have done this part of the technique, you need to find your balance and adjust your weight on the board. It’s important to release your hands and use them to steer the board.

If you are passing strong waves, grab the rails to secure yourself so you don’t fall under the wave.

Drop knee surfing is particularly good for riding a wave despite it requiring a lot of balance to keep upright as you ride the wave. However, it’s a great way to ride a wave and get a buzz out of surfing with a new and different technique that you might not have known before.

Again, a cutback is when a surfer changes direction within a turn. This is done by using the rails to go back to the breaking point of the wave. It can also be defined as a complete 180 degree direction change from the shoulder all the way to the curl, drawing a figure eight onto the face of the wave. This can often result in a bounce back in the white water.

As well as regular cutback drop turns, there are also many variations such as backside cutbacks. This is a more advanced trick that surfers tend to try after mastering the regular cut back.

Kevin Miske – Drop Knee Master (Video)

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