Cool surfing videos that will inspire you to go surfing

DailyStoke Team

There are countless surf videos of different cool surf tricks and manoeuvres on YouTube, which rack up a lot of views. For example, this compilation video is one of the first that pops up when we search for “cool surfing videos” and has 227,000 views.

Surfing videos (especially those doing extreme and different tricks) are always very popular within the water sports community.

Another popular video that comes up when searching for “cool surfing videos” is a collection of the world’s best surfing from 2017. This video combines various clips of different surfers doing tricks in super cool locations. This video proves very popular with viewers and has over two million YouTube views.

The surf video is 5 minutes in length and has a very favourable like to dislike ratio—a little more than five thumbs up for every thumb down:

The third top video that comes up when searching for “cool surfing videos” is a big wave surfing compilation 2017. This video has also had a load of attention and has been viewed well over 2 million times.

This video is a lot longer in length at 13 minutes, so it shows a lot of surfing content. This is most likely one reason why it has such a high view count and is popular.

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Photo by Jeremy Bishop 

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