Bruce Brown Never Took the Endless Summer Here…

DailyStoke Team

The Amazon River is some evil looking s–t, and why anyone would want to surf there is beyond me. It looks like a giant snake crawling over the world and appears just as sinister.

I’ve heard of people finding some weird, tide-changing wave there and riding it until their legs just can’t take anymore, or an Anaconda jumps up and bites their family jewels off.

People are strange, and the waves are not even that good, but you can ride an eight-foot shoulder until you’re blue in the face if you time it right. I found a new video on YouTube today, and it’s definitely worth a watch. Would you give it a go? Did I mention there are piranhas in there?

Check the skeletons…

Here it is pretty much perfect…

Ahhhh, home sweet home!!

This entry was posted on January 3, 2009 by Messy Jesse.

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