A question from a surfer…

DailyStoke Team

Hey kids – we received a quesiton from a Florida surfer last night which sparked some debate amongst the staff at DailyStoke.com:

“Dear Dailystoke – are you planning on having message boards.”

The answer to that question is: “Probably not.”

The reason is because if you check out the message boards at Surfer mag or Surfing the Mag etc., the messages often are 1) not about surfing, and 2) often have really shizy content, including lots of posters with hates on for a bunch of people – be they longboarders, SUPers, surfers that aren’t white etc. etc.

We want to stay above the fray per se.

Accordingly, when we get a comment on an article that says something like: “Longboards are a bunch of…”

We don’t post it.


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The article was first published October 5, 2008

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