5 Good Magazines about Luxury Yachts worth reading

DailyStoke Team

Here are some of the good magazines about luxury yachts online worth subscribing to:

  • Fraser Magazine
  • Navis Magazine
  • SuperYachtWorld Magazine
  • The Billionaire Magazine
  • The Yachts International Magazine

Fraser Magazine

This is an intelligent online magazine for loving, living and luxury yachts. The magazine will give you all that you want to know about luxury yachts like where you can get one or dispose of one, the ones that are new to the market, and yacht brokerage among others. The magazine is published annually, with new issues being launched at the Monaco Yacht Show. A lifestyle publication covers different topics like recent news, interviews, destinations, events, and super yachts.  The 2018/2019 issue of Fraser Magazine covers fantastic articles that cover superyacht lifestyle like Australia cruising grounds; space travels tantalizing ideas, the Caribbean’s state in the hurricane devastation aftermath and much more.

The magazine has a unique publication that is dedicated to the luxury yachts design, sailboats, and their lifestyles. It has an issue every month that comes with different topics. It gives a chance to subscribe to it so that you may be receiving their issues every month. It also shows you the yachts that are available for sale as well as the superyachts news that emerge every moment. An up-to-date magazine will keep you on the move. Navis Magazine also explores the different types of luxury yachts with their full descriptions. The magazine also gives a guideline on superyachts galleries in their high resolution.

SuperYachtWorld Magazine

This is a global magazine mostly for superyacht owners. It gives you information on who owns yachts and who has collaborated with who, to own a yacht company. It also gives you information on who has won a certain award on luxury yacht competition. The SuperYachtWorld Magazine will also equip you with which yacht has docked and where. In addition, the magazine informs you of the best rating of the super yachts globally.

The Billionaire Magazine

This magazine gives you the most beautiful yachts in the world. The magazine has an issue every month that you can subscribe to. In the magazine, you will be in a position to get the most elite and financially successful individuals for exclusive yachting as well as to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. The Billionaire Magazine shows you exclusive marine services and products globally.  It also gives you the yachting dealers, events as well as expected experiences you will have while using their products and services.

The Yachts International Magazine

The Yacht International Magazine gives you an insight into the luxurious yachts that are available globally. The magazine has three elements that include the home, owners lounge and the construction.  In the home page of the magazine, there are different types of yachts that you are expected to have as well as the newest brands in the market. Most of the yachts in the magazine are made in the USA. The magazine gives the full descriptions of the Yachts found about size, type, and the material that the yacht is made of as well as its origin. It also shows the interior part of the yachts making you have a clear picture of what you expect to have if you want to acquire one. It also shows how available the yacht is if you are in the process of purchasing the machine. It also shows the kind of services that one can get when yachting.

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