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What Makes Perfect Wireless In-Ear Headphones Sound Premium?

DailyStoke Team

When best is not enough we call it perfect. Wireless in-ear headphones (no cords on your way) with a truly advanced noise-canceling function (no extraneous noise to interfere with your world) is perfect. Because good music is deserved to be enjoyed with the best in class headphones. Because you deserve premium sound too.

In 2020 you want a high-end brand which has style, tradition, is comfortable, lightweight, and one that will fit your active, maybe even luxurious lifestyle. The designer brand that highlights your status and taste.

Well, Beoplay E6 Motion is a household name when it comes to the top high-quality in-ear headphones with advanced noise-canceling functionality. The product comes with a nice charging case and manual.

Here is why we think so.

It Is a Perfect Fit

It is very irritating to have earpieces that constantly fall off, and you have to re-fix them every time. It is very annoying and time-wasting. That is why with the Beoplay E6, you can choose from a variety of ear fins and find one that fits your ear perfectly.

Made From High-Quality Material

With an active lifestyle, or on hot days, you are bound to sweat. Additionally, on your daily routine, you are most likely to pass through dusty places. For these reasons, the E6 is made from premium material. The speaker is made from an aluminum plate while the housing is made from textured rubber and polymer.

These materials make sure that no matter how much sweat and dust you come across, the in-ear headphones will not get damaged.

The Perfect Sound

The purpose of getting wireless in-ear headphones is to enjoy music wherever you are. However, the quality of music does matter a lot. The famous Bang and Olufsen engineers have designed the E6 headphones. What this means is that the headphones have premium sound quality.

Play Time and Battery Life

Another important feature to consider while buying any headphone is its play life. You do not want to get one that will run out of juice after 30 minutes of playtime. The E6 allows you to listen to your music continuously for a whopping 5 hours. What’s more, it has an ingenious system whereby you can charge the E6 while still using it.

Easy Control

The headphones come with easy to use smart controls. You can take calls and control the music without touching your phone!

The Beoplay E6 Motion is in a class of its own. It is easy to operate, is lightweight, and also fits perfectly well. With these and other features, it is easy to see why it is a favorite of many music lovers.

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