Hard case surfboard bag: buy online from $449

DailyStoke Team

There are hard-case surfboard bags on offer at a variety of prices, one of these being the Santa Monica surfcase, which is available through their website. The Santa Monica company offers two different versions of these hard cases: the longboard case and the shortboard case.

The shortboard case has enough room for one to three shortboards (as long as the fins are removed), which makes it great for surfers with more than a single board. It’s made with a precision molded polyethylene plastic shell. The price for this case is $449, and it comes in three different sizes (up to 6”4, up to 6”10 and up to 7”4)

The longboard case doesn’t come up with any pricing or information on the website. However, they can be purchased at www.surfcase.com

Crypt Cases are another brand that offer reliable hard cases, which are suitable for travelling. Theirs was the first travelling hard case of its kind, is suitable for air travel and is durable and light.

There’s a catch, though: the Crypt Case is not currently for sale and is only available as a sign-up Kikcstarter reward for the time being. The company is also giving out PR packages to people who they think are suitable to promote their brand. Their website can be found here: www.cryptcases.com

There are very limited variations of hard cases available online, and soft or sock cases are far more accessible to online customers.

Photo of the adventure board case Nautilus by hungrywalrus.com

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