Cake x Christenson Surfboards

Limited Edition Christenson surfboards x CAKE Available for Purchase Online

DailyStoke Team
Swedish electric motorcycle brand, CAKE, just unveiled a new partnership with iconic shaper Chris Christenson to create custom branded surfboards in an effort to support climate advocacy group Protect Our Winters (POW).
“Teaming up with CAKE just made sense,” says Chris Christenson, founder of Christenson Surfboards.  “Like with my own brand, I believe that when making an environmentally friendly product, you have to make sure it has three components:
1. It needs to work, and work well,
2. It needs to withstand usage and have that structural integrity, and
3. It needs to look good. CAKE has all those components, and it’s a product we believe in.”
Ten limited edition Christenson boards are shaped and designed by Chris Christenson, for CAKE available on Prices start from 1100 USD/EURO + Delivery 100/200 USD/EURO depending on the location.
All proceeds support Protect Our Winters (POW), a nonprofit organization dedicated to turning passionate outdoor people into effective climate advocates.
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