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Best Designer Audiophile Earbuds: New Affordable Luxury 2020

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Turn on your flawless audiophile earbuds and enjoy the luxury of the best wireless in-ear headphones sound. Discover B&O premium designer earbuds with no cords (but with Advanced ANC technology), long-life battery and of course with a signature Danish design. Indulge yourself in 2020.

Affordable wireless in-ear headphones are one of the best and most significant inventions, especially for sports lovers. Yeah, you don’t have to worry about chords jamming on things when you go run. With this Bluetooth technology, it is possible to go on with your sports (when you go running or in a gym) while you listen to music.

One of the greatest benefits of the portability offered by the best true wireless earbuds is the ability to engage in sports while enjoying the perfect sound of your favorite hits. Although there are a host of benefits of using wireless earbuds for sports in premium class, highlighted below are the top three reasons.

Top audiophile wireless earbuds with the perfect sound quality you should buy in 2020:

Headphones Brand Price

Beoplay H9i Bronze (best audiophile earphones with noise-canceling)

Bang and Olufsen $500
Jabra Elite 85H in black GN Hearing $310
Bose Soundsport White Bose $200
Sony WH 1000 Sony $260

We also covered some of the best in class wireless headphones with premium sound quality in this review. You can buy them online: price and characteristics come from the brands’ stores.

Here you can find the best true wireless earbuds for swimming in 2020 (yes, they are existing and upcoming new waterproof Bluetooth headphones).

3 Benefits of Using Premium Sound Wireless Earbuds For Sports in 2020

Premium Sound and Flexibility

When you engage in any sporting activity, you want to be as flexible as possible. Now imagine having to swim or play volleyball with cords around your neck, it would be cumbersome. Therefore having a wireless earbud is very beneficial since you become completely mobile and can move in whichever direction and at whatever speed without worrying about the cords.

Additionally, with wireless earbuds, the risk of cords getting caught on something and ripping them off your ears is eliminated. Additionally, wireless earbuds use less power than their wired counterparts. Therefore, using cordless earbuds means that you can listen to music for a longer time.

No Need to Have the Phone on You

If you are using earbuds that have codes, then you have to keep your phone nearby. Often you are forced to carry it in your pouch or pocket. Having the phone in your pocket will limit your movement while you are playing. Additionally, if you do not have a pocket, it means that you have to hold your phone in your hands.

Holding the phone is not an option while you are engaging in any sport. Therefore, wireless earbuds are a great alternative if you want to enjoy your game and your music at the same time.

Besides, with an earbud, you can also receive and answer important calls without moving out of the court. That is an essential feature since it means that you can work and play at the same time!

Noise Canceling Capabilities and Perfect Sound

Most high-quality earbuds have a noise-canceling feature. It does not matter how noisy the playfield is; you can still listen to your music in peace. This feature is important if you are involved in a sport where you need high levels of concentration. If you cannot hear the background noise, then you can concentrate better.

Wireless earbuds are a great friend for sports enthusiasts because they offer freedom during sports. Apart from the freedom to move about, the earbuds make it possible to receive calls while on the court. Wireless earbuds are a must-have accessory to any music and sports enthusiast.

Upcoming True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds in 2020

We will update you on all new upcoming ANC earbuds for sports in 2020.

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