The best places to stay and surf in Egypt: schools, beaches, hotels

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Surfing in Egypt: best locations and beaches

Surfing in Egypt is centered around the country’s second largest city of Alexandria which lies about 2.5 hours north of Cairo. It’s a coastal sprawl that runs for 20 miles along the Mediterranean with popup peaks on wide-open beaches, many private.

An exploration of the coast to the west of Alexandria toward Libya is sure to reveal some secrets. To the east about 200 miles is the Gaza Strip, known for its political strife and own unique surf scene. The three main spots around Alexandria are El Corniche, Agami and Shabby all relatively close to one another.

Egypt is a warm-surf destination. Hot season, as expected, runs June July and August. Alexandria gets most of its wet weather in December. Since it’s by the coast it’s a bit cooler than inland Cairo with summer temps hitting 90 degrees Fahrenheit on average. Winter rarely get below 50 degrees. The water in the Mediterranean here is at its coolest mid-winter in the low 60s while peak summer days push just past the 80 degree mark.

Small, private sections of beach dot Alexandria and El Corniche is one of those. Empty, easy peaks that are easy to find. Access is pay-to-play in the high season of summer. The break holds size and works through almost all the tides.

Further to the west is Agami, a private beach that requires a fee in summer, but is free in winter when there is more likely to be swell. The surf here follows the same pattern as its neighbour spots, windswell works most days with the occasional heavier long-period swell train.

Shatby is an exposed, open beach that picks up scrappy windswell but turns on when it pulls in a north groundswell from the deep Mediterranean. Like so many other spots in Egypt, crowding is not an issue.

Egypt surfing schools

Surfing in Egypt is still in its infancy, with  scenes clustered around just a handful of beaches. Proper learn-to-surf infrastructure is rare and difficult to find. As far as surf schools go, the Country’s one place is Surf Schools Egypt. Which, along with lessons, offer trips to surf-soaked locations such as Bali.

Since the Red Sea on the other side of Egypt has great kitesurfing, The Masters Kitesurfing School is a great choice to learn this sister sport to surfing. They also offer windsurfing, wake boarding and kayak lessons. Their kiting program includes basic 6 and 10-hour deals as well as advanced courses and private lessons. Three-hour intro courses are available too.

Egypt hotels for water sports vacations

Alexandria has a host of hotels. From $12 hostel rooms in the Mantaza district to sprawling luxury on the sand at the Al Alamein for $175 per night. In between these two extremes are lots of options.

The mid-century royalty vibe of the Paradise Inn Resort offers high-end rooms starting at $122 per night. The view from the dining area and the oasis-themed pool are winners here.

For budget and location the Sea Star has rooms available starting at $22. A short walk to the beach and close access to theGraeco-Roman Museum of Alexandria and the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa make this spot a great option when the surf is flat.

Also on the Red Sea, the Panorama Resort offers Greek-styled bungalows and hosts DJ nights in a relaxed party atmosphere. When not out kiting, you can relax in their expansive hot tub or keep in shape at the state-of-the-art gym. Prices start at $37.50 but you can find online deals as low as $26.00.

Egypt is a great vacation place for water sports activities.

Egypt surfing guide and tips prepared by Bryan Dickerson ( for’s surf guides

Photo by Isabella Jusková

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