Curacao surfing guide: best beaches, surf schools & hotels

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Curacao surfing locations and best beaches

Part of the Dutch Caribbean, Curacao resides 40 miles north of Venezuela. Referred to by the Portuguese as “Ilha da Curacao”, or Island of Healing, this tropical gem is also home to one of the biggest and brightest Carnival celebrations in the Caribbean. This festive island, along with Aruba ad Bonaire form the ABC islands of the Lesser Antilles.

The island holds some good surf spots and beaches. The lengthy sandbar at St Joris has easy peelers that can go up for one hundred meters on the right day. Playa Canoe is an easily accessible reef that takes a wide array of swells from east to northwest. As the main break of Curacao it can get busy. Wear reef booties as urchins are a problem. Play Pistol is open to all swells and super consistent, but usually blows out very early.

Curacao surf season forecasts and temperatures

Weather conditions for surfers on Curacao are affected for better and for worse by the easterly trade winds that blow year round. The trades kick up enough swell to have something surf-able almost each day, however the average surf report shows the breaks blowing out by mid-morning.

The best surf forecasts happen when hurricanes spin through the Caribbean to the north and groundswell lights up the reefs of Curacao. But these summertime tropical disturbances are infrequent swell generators. The North Atlantic winter wave machine turns on October to March, sending swell south to the island but needs a very specific direction to make it to Curacao.

Weather on Curacao is a bit like the movie Groundhog Day where every day is the same. In summer temps hover in the 80s and 90s Fahrenheit while winter hangs between upper 70s and mid 80s.

Curacao surfing schools

Curacao Surf is ground zero for all things surf-related on Curacao. The business offers lessons, gear, board repairs and even SUP tours and sunset outings. Their surf classes are two hours and start with 30 minutes of theory before getting west and pushing you into your first waves. Their price structure is $80 for individuals, $60 for couples and $30 for groups of three or more.

The pros at Awasalu Kiteboarding run private kiting lessons out of the east-side camp starting at $170 for two hours of individual instruction. But their main promotion is with their five-day course which will set you back $850 and includes a total of 10-hours of instructions. A good option since no one becomes an expert kiteboarder after a single two hour lesson.

At St Joris Bay the crew at Nix Kite School has a learn to ride three-day course with six hours of instruction for $380 and offers a bring-a-friend-discount option that prices a nine hour intensive class at just $620 for two people.

Curacao hotels for surfers and water sports enthusiasts

Oasis Coral Estate Beach, Dive and Wellness Centre is not your average island stay. Rooms start at $120 at this beautiful open expansive property. The resort’s mantra is all about relaxing. Well, relaxing and diving – they have a full-service dive centre and a scenic plunge is just steps away from the hotel. Rooms come with full amenities and their Koraal rooftop bar and the Karakter restaurant on the beach is popular with guests and locals alike.

Boho Bohemian Boutique Hotel resides in the artsy Pietermaai District of Curacao and features a unique stay option on an island dotted with cookie-cutter resorts. The hotel encourages curiosity seekers and general wanderers, and surfers definitely fit this bill. Each room comes with a kitchenette and homey feels. Late nights drinking red wine and discussing philosophy are optional. Rooms start at $80

Coconut Bay offers a surf and stay package that includes premium all-inclusive amenities set in a beautiful open, tropical adults-only hotel. Take advantage of a five-night stay with complete kite certification course starting at just $2,500. The deal includes meals, lessons and drinks at the bar.

Curacao is a great vacation place for water sports activities.

Curacao surfing guide and tips prepared by Bryan Dickerson ( for’s surf guides

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan

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