Pacific Palisades surfing on Sunset beach

DailyStoke Team

Sunset Beach is one of the best destinations to surf in the Pacific Palisades; this beach has a very high review on Yelp. One bonus of this beach is that there’s free parking, as well as being a great surf spot. The downside is that it can get busy at peak times. Here’s a link to this review page.

The location is popular with locals and holiday-goers, and the waves are good for surfing of any ability (depending where you go). A lot of the reviews are from non- surfers who have had a really good time despite not having an exceptional surfing ability.

When to surf Sunset Beach?

The most popular times that people visit this beach for surfing and other water activities are 1 pm to around 3 pm. People tend to spend on average 30 to 90 minutes. Reviews from Foursquare also give Sunset Beach an 8/10, showing it to be one of the best places to surf in Pacific Palisades, and its Google reviews are also very high at 4.6 out of 5.

There have been 450 reviews on Google for Sunset Beach. It’s also one of the only locations that is directly situated in the Pacific Palisades. The beach is open 24 hours but is only supervised from 6 am to around 9 pm, as these are the best times to catch waves.

Photo by Ben Warren

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