Kiribati surfing – Going off the surf map

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The Kiribati surfing association influences young people to get involved in surfing.

There are various islands that can be enjoyed as surfing destinations in Kiribati, all of which are very popular. The best thing about surfing in Kiribati is the exploration elements, and the payoff will be worthwhile as there are so many different surf locales.

Surfing in Kiribati

The top surf destinations in North and South Kiribati are: Naa, Causeway, Last gun, Morgues, Abarao and Temaiku. There are also many other surfing points in Kiribati’s outer islands, such as Marakei, but it’s harder to access as you cannot get so many surfboards via air travel.

There is, however, the option to hire a boat so you can get your equipment over to the outer islands.

As well as these, there is Kiritimati or the Christmas Islands, which host a golden five-kilometre stretch of points, reefs and channels.

This stretch has 24 surfable waves, and the season falls from October all the way through to March. There is board storage available in the Christmas Islands, one of the most popular surfing destinations in Kiribati.

The Fanning Islands are one of the other most popular surfing islands in the region. This is a popular pick all year round with a consistent swell. The two most consistent breaks are “English Harbour” in the south, which is consistent from March to June.

“Whalers anchorage” in the north is consistent from October to March. Further information on Kiribati surfing can be found on this website here:

Photo by Alec Bennett 

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