Cross Atlantic: Best European Yachts for Ocean Cruising

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The right yacht for an Atlantic Ocean crossing can be rated in a variety of ways. In Europe, for instance, various yachts have different features that are checked while ranking them (watermakers, generators etc.).

Here is the guide on the best European yachts for ocean cruising:

  • Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440
  • Amel 50 European Yacht
  • ClubSwan 50
  • Beneteau Figaro 3
  • The Neel 51

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440

This is the most impressive family cruiser yacht while considering its hull shape, interior layout and cockpit design. The yacht has a soft, welcoming and warm ambiance. It also has an innovative layout that makes movement easy while on the boat. The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440 has a cozy and sporty appearance that makes it preferable for many. The price of this yacht is € 184,400, excluding VAT.

Amel 50 European Yacht

The Amel 50 European Yacht is a popular, new, luxury Atlantic cruiser model. It’s associated with ample comfort, and its quality meets its price. The Amel 50 is the yacht for those looking for luxury weekend cruising and who want to sail long distances while living aboard. It costs €750,000, excluding VAT.

This yacht will charm you if you’re interested in modern features while remaining fond of the brand’s elegance and style. The Amel 50 also has an extended waterline to improve on its performance.

ClubSwan 50

The ClubSwan 50 is one of the most beautiful production yachts for ocean cruising on the market. It has a versatile appeal as it balances between Grand-Prix racing and performance yacht. The ClubSwan 50 has a contemporary design with a simple and clear brief that indicates it’s an extremely quick specimen. It’s also conceived as a one-design yacht, as well as being competitive in racing. Its price excluding VAT is €1.1M

Beneteau Figaro 3

The Beneteau Figaro 3 is a one-design offshore sports boat that has a global appeal. This yacht is equipped with a deeper, slender keel, a ballast-free hull and foils that make it a better preformance yacht. It also has a sail and mast layout that improves its balance and costs €149,404 excluding VAT.

The Neel 51

The Neel 51 gives you a rewarding helming experience while cruising. It has a cocktail that’s covered with a hard Bimini, which has a pair of couches. It also has a wide counter space that’s built in a stainless-steel grill and oven, with two fridges, a dishwasher and a freezer that gives you an appealing experience. Its price excluding VAT is €669,800.

The yacht is designed to cruise at up to 10 knots.

Photo by redcharlie

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