Central America Surfing Guide 2019: resorts, schools, beaches

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Central America is one of the best surfing locations because it’s full of beaches and favorable weather conditions throughout the year. Below is some basic information you need to know before going surfing in Central America in 2019.

Best surfing season in Central America

Central America is in the tropics, and most of the surfing spots have a warm climate throughout the year. The swells are also relatively moderate for any surfer, at any level.

Best Resorts for Surfers in Central America

  • Red Frog Beach Resort
  • Mukul Resort
  • Two Brothers Surf Resort, Nicaragua
  • Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, Costa Rica

Red Frog Beach Resort

The Red Frog Beach Resort is located at Bocas del Toro, Panama. The resort has island seclusion at Paradise Island and Beaches. The resort charges €142 Per Person/Night. It is a 20 minute-drive from Tocumen International Airport.

Mukul Resort, Southern Nicaragua

The Mukul Resort is located in southern Nicaragua and sits on 1,675 acres that blossom on the southwest Pacific shore. It’s a two-hour drive from Managua International Airport and a 10-minute drive from International Costa Esmeralda Airport. The resort charges €399 per person per night.

Two Brothers Surf Resort, Nicaragua

Two Brothers Surf Resort is a private hilltop retreat that sits on 32 acres of serene landscape. They offer unlimited guided surfing due to the easy access to waves throughout the year. Set in Tola, 23 km from Gigante Beach. A Deluxe double room is $524.

Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, Costa Rica

It’s located in Tamarindo, also referred to as Surf Party Town in Costa Rica. The waters and swell are warm throughout the year. The surfing instructors are friendly and professional. It’s 63 kilometres from Liberia airport. Accommodation prices start from $48 per night.

Central America’s Best Surfing Beaches

Central America is best for surfers who want to avoid too many crowds. Here are some of the best beaches to surf:

  • Playa Avellanas in Costa Rica
  • Witches Rock in Costa Rica
  • Puerto Escondido in Mexico
  1. Playa Avellanas in Costa Rica offers big, hollow and fast waves that create incredible tubes known as hazelnuts (Avellina), which are doable even for intermediate surfers. The best time to visit this beach is during the dry season.
  2. Witches Rock, Costa Rica is a classic beach with perfect lefts and rights. The huge beach is named after the giant rock sitting off-shore which makes for epic photos.
  3. Puerto Escondido in Mexico is a perfect spot for seasoned surfers where the sandbars of Playa Zicatella create incredible hollow barrels. The waves are massive and rough so not advisable for beginners.

Best Surfing Schools

Selina Surf Camp

The Selina Surf Camp is located at Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. The camp offers lessons to both professional and amateur surfers. The camp has a package for seven-night surf camps, starting at £416 (€466/$575) per person.  It’s approximately 27 kilometers from Tambor Airport, but you will be required to have a connecting flight from Liberia or San Jose.

Mirimar Surf Camp

The Mirimar Surf Camp is located in Leon Province, Nicaragua. The camp is 100 kilometers from Managua Airport and offers a seven-night surf camp package from £286(€320/$394) per person. The camp has professional surfers to guide you through your surfing classes.

Beach Break Surf Camp

The Beach Break Surf Camp is located in Playa Venao, Panama. The camp is 36 kilometers from Pedasi Airport, and you can get connecting flights through Panama City. A seven-night surf camp can be purchased, starting at £422 (€495/$610) per person.

Photo by Sam Hull

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