Best East Coast Surf Locations

DailyStoke Team

Where are the best places to surf on the east coast of the United States? Here are some spots you need to visit:

  • Cocoa Beach, Florida
  • Sea Isle City, New Jersey
  • Kitty Hawk Beach, North Carolina

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Cocoa Beach in Florida is a great place to surf on the east coast. It’s separated from Florida’s mainland by the Banana River, and the destination is no secret to surfers. Alongside this, they have the Ron Jon surf shop which is claimed to be the biggest surf shop in the world.

Sea Isle City, New Jersey

Sea Isle City in New Jersey is another great surfing destination. The Jersey Shore brings in a wide variety of people in the summer, and surfers in particular. Sea Isle is the perfect destination for beginner surfers, as it doesn’t tend to be quite as busy as it is further north.

The waves at Sea Isle City are also a lot calmer, steadier and smaller, which makes them perfect for beginners who are just getting to grips with surfing.

Kitty Hawk Beach, North Carolina

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina is a wonderful surfing destination not too far south of our previous entry. One simply cannot go wrong in finding a surfing locale in North Carolina, as it;s considered by many surfers to be the east coast’s blue-ribbon surf destination.

This beach is a great destination for amateur surfers as it has reliable waves and is near surfing schools if you need that extra instruction from the professionals. As well as this, parking is super easy and close to the best spots.

Photo by Annie Spratt 

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