Best boats for water skiing and wakeboarding

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When it comes to water sports, the quality of the vessel also determines much of your performance. The boat plays an important role when wakeboarding or water skiing. As the technology has advanced, boat models have improved, and their performances have gone a notch higher over the years.

Here are some of the best water skiing and wakeboarding boats in the market.

  • Centurion Enzo SV244
  • MasterCraft ProStar
  • Malibu TXi MO
  • Nautique G25

Centurion Enzo SV244

Centurion has been in the game for quite some time. It has made tremendous improvements over the years, and the most evident of them is the flagship Enzo SV244, which has become a force to be reckoned with whether water skiing or wakeboarding. A 24-foot 2013 centurion Enzo SV 244 will fetch $66,900 at Executive Boat & Yacht Brokerage in Salt Lake City, UT, United States.

MasterCraft ProStar

The MasterCraft ProStar was built with all necessary sporting conditions in mind, starting from its powerful small-block V8 engines which have more horsepower as a result of modern advances in technology.  Its interior layout is centered on a direct-drive to enhance the driver’s focus. It can accommodate more people at the front, under the bow cover when opened. MasterCraft 190 ProStar goes for $10,995.

Malibu TXi MO

The TXi MO was purely designed to leave no traces behind. It comprises a three-fin, T-cut diamond hull that ensures the trail is soft and with flat wakes, like a laser. At an open-bow tournament inboard, the TXi MO has 10 world records credited to its performance. It features a lower dash so that the sight lines can be clearer and the interiors are covered by Sea Dek foam deck covering to ensure comfort is guaranteed. Malibu Response TXi costs $64,900.

Malibu M235

If you’re searching for the ideal towboat, look no further. The Malibu M235 is the most opulent towboat and is one most expensive wakeboard boats, but that only demonstrates how efficient it is. Its performance is not comparable, either, because it has the latest designs fused with the latest technology. For those who would wish to become top wakeboarders, this is the best vessel.

Nautique G25

The Nautique G25 was introduced in 2016 and uses the Nautique Surf System that redirects water flow off the hull sides, which helps to create the perfect wave for anyone riding behind. It can hold up to 19 people and still have enough room to store all your gear.

Photo by Steven Welch

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