Best 3 peaceful mini hotels for surfers in Goa

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India has a huge coastline and thus has some of the most beautiful surfing spots around. Goa, a well-known holiday destination, has hugely changed over the last couple of years. Still, the place can be much more than just a holiday on beautiful beaches. The stunning landscape, yoga practices and wellness experiences (along with the brilliant food scene) are what makes Goa a special place.

Not only this, Goa is also an amazing place to surf and has some special facilities for surfers. The destination is perfect for surfing beginners to get them comfortable with the waves. There are surfing schools and some of the most amazing hotels for surfers to stay at too. The surfing season starts from October and ends in April.

We recommend the best three hotels for surfers to stay in Goa: peaceful and tranquil

  • Palm Grove Beach Resort
  • Lotus Sutra
  • Riva Beach Resort

Palm Grove Beach Resort

The Palm Grove Beach Resort is a great, inexpensive mini hotel for surfers located on beautiful Ashvem Beach. Being a surfer while resting at the resort, you will find yourself happily tucked away in a happy, beautiful and safe environment. The staff are efficient and friendly, and most importantly, Palm Grove is a well-maintained and clean place (spacious bungalows) to stay. Go to the nearby beaches to surf whenever you want or hang back for ultimate relaxation. The Palm Grove Beach Resort Hotel charges $54 per room per night.


Lotus Sutra Hotel

Want to unleash your sense of Goa surfing adventure more? Then choose Lotus Sutra as your hotel to stay all throughout your surfing experience. The hotel offers budgeted accommodation to its guests, and you can enjoy your stay along with the pleasant sounds, cool breezes and scenic views of the Arabian Sea. Those looking to step things up a notch can also book the wooden cottage with a sea view for two people at a price of around £63 per night.


Riva Beach Resort

The Riva Beach Resort is situated on the white sands of one of the finest beaches in Goa, the Mandrem beach. It offers air-conditioned cottages for the guests. The huge waves of Arabian Sea splashing all around the area makes a perfect condition for absolute happiness and freedom for the surfers. You can book Riva Beach Resort with unlimited facilities starting at around £55.


Photos:, Tripadvisor, Agoda, Steph Smith 

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