Video: Moose Rescued from New Hampshire Swimming Pool by Officers

DailyStoke Team

A young bull moose has been rescued from a New Hampshire swimming pool after he fell in and was unable to escape unassisted.

Television station WMUR (h/t The Guardian) reported biologists and conservation officers from the New Hampshire fish and game department finally got the moose out of the pool after almost a day of their efforts, using a set of wooden steps to help coax him from his watery cage. Using a rope to help encourage him in the right direction, officers will have been glad to see the moose escape into the distance following his release:

The report included comment from Colonel Kevin Jordan, who suggested the moose might have ended up in his predicament as a result of it being breeding season: “I can’t imagine going to the sliding glass doors and looking out there and seeing a 1,200lb moose or 800lb moose in my pool.”

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