U.S. Coast Guard Troop Surfs Cocaine-Smuggling Submarine in Raid Footage

DailyStoke Team

The United States coast guard has released footage of a recent drug seizure performed by troops on a submarine as it moved through eastern parts of the Pacific Ocean.

It’s reported the U.S. coast guard picked up the submarine as it was hundreds of miles from the Colombian and Ecuadoran coastline on June 18. On board the craft was said to be “more than 17,000 pounds of cocaine.”

The 40-foot sub was tracked by the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Munro, whose staff eventually caught up with and seized the craft. They released the footage via Storyful (h/t VICE):

It’s mentioned in the report that only 11 percent of narco-subs—ships funded by the South American cartels but aren’t made for long-haul journey—such as this, but the officers on watch got their target on this occasion.

The coast guard said the cocaine seized in the raid was “worth $232 million.”

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