The Company That Says More Surfing, Less Working Improves Productivity

DailyStoke Team

Surfing breaks could benefit your company’s business, with one branding agency promoting a four-day work week in the United Kingdom that they say improves productivity.

Cre8tion have offices in Cardiff, Wales, and Bristol, England, and the company has for the past six months operated on a two-week scheme that gives employees free time on Fridays, per BBC News. Staff take the first Friday off, then on the second they can work on research and development in the office, at home or wherever they please.

Chief executive Darrell Irwin said a four-day work week of 32 hours—which has been backed by the Labour party—will appeal more to the younger generation:

“Having that extra day back, allowing them to go and do sport, go surfing or read a book all day, that gives them that time back. And people can think ‘well it might not work in my industry’, so I challenge people: ‘Well if you can’t give a Friday off to all your workforce, why not have half the work force take Friday off and the other half take Monday off?’

“If you’re looking to retain millennials, these sorts of things are really important to them.”

CBI Wales was cited as saying there’s insufficient evidence to support a four-day work week on the same pay as of yet.

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