Thailand Cave Divers Set to Feature in Film About Rescue Operation

DailyStoke Team

Four divers who took part in the Tham Luang cave operation will play themselves in a film called “The Cave,” which plans to tell the story from the perspective of those most closely involved with rescue.

The film will be about the 2018 rescue that successfully saved 12 Thai schoolboys and their football coach after becoming trapped underground for 18 days. One Thai diver died during the rescue attempt.

Lanre Bakare of the Guardian reported The Cave will be directed by Thai-Irish director Tom Waller, who said of the film:

“I wanted the film to be an honest portrayal of the events that took place at the Tham Luang cave, and decided to go for a more authentic approach, taking the story from the point of view of some of the unsung heroes who took part in the rescue.”

Belgian rescue diver Jim Warny, Chinese cave diving instructor Tan Xiaolong, as well as dive instructors Erik Brown Mikko Paasi, from Canada and Finland, respectively, will play themselves in the movie.

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