Teenage Swim Champion Warns of Dangers After Molester Coach Arrested

DailyStoke Team

A teenage swimming champion has warned youngsters like herself to be vigilant in the sport after her coach was arrested for allegedly molesting the child while she was under his care.

A 15-year-old swimmer—who has not been named—secretly recorded coach Surajit Ganguly entering her room in Goa, India, and sexually abusing the girl. Ganguly has been sacked and banned from any government job, while charges for rape, molestation and criminal intimidation have also been filed under the strict Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

The victim released a statement that read:

“I was coaching with him since I was 10 years old. I got good results. He asked me come to Goa. I went. My father was there most times. But the coach’s behaviour was horrible.

“He would touch me, threaten me. Don’t tell anyone, he warned. It’s between you and your coach, he said. Don’t tell your parents. You have a future. He would come to my house. He would misbehave in the pool. I want help.”

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