Team Netherlands Hopeful of 36th America’s Cup Place After Late Entry

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Team Netherlands are reportedly hopeful of securing a berth in the 36th America’s Cup as one of three teams whose late entry has put a question mark over their participation in 2021.

Simeon Tienpont is the skipper of the Dutch team and is in Auckland visiting Team Emirates New Zealand. Tienpont is hoping the Challenger of Record, Luna Rossa, will support their participation in the event.

Malta Altus and the American outfit Stars & Stripes are said to be the other two teams facing an uncertain fate as their cases go through arbitration. A New Zealand Herald article in December read: “The announcement of the Dutch challenge … may be the first real test of the relationship between Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa. “While the defender has an obvious motivation for allowing another challenger entry, Luna Rossa (and other challengers, come to that) has an equally obvious incentive to decline.”

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