Team DutchSail Withdraws from 36th America’s Cup Contention

DailyStoke Team

The DutchSail team has pulled out of contention for the 36th America’s Cup after confirming they were unable to meet the necessary financial requirements.

They become the second team to exit the running after the Royal Malta Yacht Club (Malta Altus Challenge) withdrew their name from the ticket in May.

The Netherlands released a statement addressing the reasons why they were forced to pull out of the 2021 race:

“Despite tireless sponsorship and fundraising efforts, the DutchSail team has not meet its financial objectives to participate in the 2021 America’s Cup race in Auckland, NZ. Notwithstanding the many commitments from Government, R&D centres, the business community and many private individuals, the DutchSail foundation board concluded that it was financially unfeasible to actually continue the campaign.”

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