Swim Star Shayna Jack Talks Turmoil Following Doping Allegations

DailyStoke Team

Australian swimming starlet Shayna Jack has discussed the turmoil of having yet to receive a letter from the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) detailing to anti-doping charges lobbied against her.

Jack, 20, is yet to receive the clarity she’s seeking after ASADA notified the sprint star of a sample that tested positive for the non-steroid anabolic agent Ligandrol, which is known to be popular with bodybuilders. The swimmer faces a suspension of up to four years.

The four-time World Championships (long course) relay medallist posted on Instagram and wrote: “I have found that I am struggling most with accepting the current situation, how much it has not only impacted my swimming career but my everyday life. Additionally, how long the process will be before I get any final information.

“I have not yet received the letter of infraction and have been told that I won’t for up to another 10 weeks and to make things harder I’ve been informed that I could be waiting another nine months from now till I get a finalised hearing. My team are doing everything they can to fast track this process but it’s so hard when we aren’t in control of how and when things happen.”

Jack is in a state of limbo after learning she may not see a formal hearing until July, which is also when 2020 Olympic Trials are scheduled to take place.

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