Stephanie Gilmore the Most Dominant Woman in Surfing, Says Kelly Slater

DailyStoke Team

There is a momentum building behind Stephanie Gilmore as we get closer to the 2019 World Surf League Women’s Championship tour, and legend Kelly Slater has backed the seven-time world champion to build on her success.

After three years without winning a title, Gilmore rose to secure the seventh of her career in 2018, and she’s already the odds leader at 13/4 (4.25) with Unibet to retain her crown this season.

Gilmore, 31, is on course to become the decorated woman in surfing history, and Slater told Stab magazine he thinks she’s got what it takes to replicate his success in the sport:

“I don’t know if that’s her plan or how much she even cares to [win titles]. I’d like to see her win more titles than anyone ever. She would do it in the most (outwardly) nonchalant fashion.

“I also think she should make a record. She’s a jam guitarist. I’m actually not sure if she writes songs, I’ve never asked her. But she can sit in with anyone. She just seems to feel and play whatever’s on her mind.”

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