Stact Launches Surf Event Organising App That Could Transform the Sport

DailyStoke Team

Surf enthusiasts who yearn to see competitions live and up close at a location near them have a tool that will bring them closer to doing so after Stact announced its event manager app.

Stact already allows surf fans and followers to find and watch competitions from around the globe, but the event manager makes it all the easier to set up such events yourself.

The company was only launched in 2018 but already has a swell of support, and Stact Event Manager promises to make it all the simpler to not only organise and run surfing events but also broadcast those competitions yourselves.

Mike Jegat is the CEO and founder of Stact, who recently said of the app: “We wanted to create a solution that covers everything from event prep and registration to broadcasts and tour rankings.”

Stact Event Manager is available on Android, iOS Amazon, Mac and Windows.

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