Intelligent Surf Cameras Know What to Film, So You Don’t Have To

DailyStoke Team

Technology, gadgets and gear are quickly becoming more and more incorporated into the life of the everyday surfer, but even more so if you’re a surfer with intentions of recording a session.

Surf cameras offer a broad landscape of the beach, but it can often be a chore to comb through footage and know where the best action is. More over, it’s difficult to know while surfing where the best waves are, and an intelligent surf camera will help cure both those ails.

Analyst Ben Freeston recently wrote for Medium that intelligent surf cameras could track data based on their research bank compiled from years worth of surfing footage. It offers a plethora of data in return and can point to the best surfing spots at a particular beach at what time of day, let you know if there are more waves than average and record every wave you surf.

The ideal addition to the gadget collection of any surf geek.

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