Good Tips to Avoid Muscle Cramps While Surfing

DailyStoke Team

There are few things more frustrating mid-surf than when you feel those first shivers of cramp
calling, and it can be a life-saving tool to know how to keep it at bay while on the water.
A substantial stretch and warm-up is a solid start to stave off cramp, but the three main causes of this hindrance are dehydration, exhaustion and lack of nutrition.

All three are linked in that a lack of water or minerals can lead to fatigue or exhaustion, and the
more tired you are, the worse the symptoms of those lacking factors are going to feel.
Drink (not sea) water before and during your surf to maintain focus and keep your muscles limber. It’s also important to eat beforehand and consume nutrient-rich sugars, though not within an hour of getting in the water.

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