Gold Medals Roll In at the Hempel Youth Sailing World Championships

DailyStoke Team

The medals came rolling in at the 2019 Hempel Youth Sailing World Championships on Thursday as the boys and girls’ finals were decided with one race remaining in each.

New Zealand duo Seb Menzies and Blake McGlashan took the top prize in the 420 fleet category, while the United States were successful in the girl’ field thanks to Madeline Hawkins and Yumi Yoshiyasu.

The Mixed Nacra 15 prize was also handed out after the Australian team of Will Cooley and Rebecca Hancock soared into a nine-point lead before Friday’s action and can no longer be caught.

We’re unlikely to witness such an upset, but those results mean all three teams will guarantee their finishes as long as they cross the line without any penalties on Friday.

Hawkins said of the United States victory: “Honestly we were going out there with a mindset to get top seven finishes. That’s all we really needed. We just made sure we could chip off boats and weren’t getting stressed about not being in first or being in 15th. We wanted to be as consistent as possible.”

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