Where to buy swimming goggles? What about Speedo and TYR

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For some people, swimming goggles can be as individual as a pair of shoes. Each set of eyes has unique qualities that make one goggle pair work and another downright uncomfortable. Trying on different eyepieces and gasket styles is essential to ensure a happy swimming experience.

Most major cities have a swimming store outfitted with the latest and greatest goggle styles from the prominent manufacturers. Rather than randomly select a goggle style online, physically venture into the store and actually try some on. What looks like it will fit may wind up being your least favorite pair.

Be sure to try different materials on for size. Do you like the feel of silicone? Or plastic? Or foam? Or do you prefer a lens without a gasket at all? Also, is one strap or two straps on the back what you prefer? These types of questions are hard to answer without a hands-on experience.

However, if you don’t happen to have a swim gear shop in a reasonable distance, you can still do try-ons via a big box store. Dick’s Sporting Goods carries popular brands such as Speedo and TYR and you should be able to try on a pair on-site prior to purchase.

Another place to seek out goggles are the pro shops at aquatics facilities. Summer swim clubs, college campuses and community pools usually have a small selection of goggles available.

There are always online buying opportunities at places such as amazon.com and swimoutlet.com. However, be sure to select an online outlet with a forgiving return policy in case the pair doesn’t dazzle you.

Photo by Zoggs Swimming goggles USA

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