In what way is swimming different from other competitive sports?

DailyStoke Team

Each competitive sport has its own unique qualities that sets it apart. Swimming is no different. It takes a special person to want to get up early in the morning to stare at a black line.

Here are 5 ways swimming is different from other competitive sports:

  1. Swimming can be lifelong due to its being low-impact. Your joints and muscles appreciate being supported by the water. This fact alone allows us to continue gliding through water later in life.
  2. Swimming is for everyone. Any race, any age from any nation can participate in swimming whether competitively or for fun. All abilities can get in the swim of things.
  3. Minimal equipment is needed. Have a suit and goggles? You’re already ready-to-go. A towel is nice and a swim cap is a plus, but we’re talking minimal gear to get a good workout in.
  4. All muscles are worked. Unlike running that targets legs, for example, swimming is a whole body sport. Each muscle is engaged to some degree when in the water, which makes it a great overall aerobic option.
  5. It doubles as a life skill. Will basketball or football save your life one day? Probably not, but swimming most definitely could. Swimming is unique in that your being water-safe is a critical life skill that can one day come to the rescue.
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