How to waterproof a wound for swimming? Keep it dry!

DailyStoke Team

Taking care of a wound is imperative for a speedy, hassle-free recovery. A study in Pharmacy Times revealed that surgical site infections were the most common cause of hospital readmissions 30 days post-surgery. To avoid that statistic as a swimmer, take the proper steps to care of an open wound prior to getting back in the pool.

Most open wounds should be kept dry for several days. This includes burns, scrapes, scratches and surgery incisions. However, there are several products on the market aimed at keeping wounds dry for bathing and swimming.

Nexcare Absolute Waterproof Adhesive Pad is one such product. The company states the pad is ideal for waterproof protection of cuts, minor burns and scrapes. The bandage is ‘great for use during exercise’ and can be worn for up to four days.

Nexcare’s Tegaderm Dressing is hospital-grade and sticks for up to seven days. Its microscopic air holes are too small for water molecules to pass through, but they still allow oxygen in.

Band-Aid also makes a great product called HydroSealThe large bandages provide all-purpose wound protection and can stay on for seven days, including showers and washing.

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