How to listen to music while swimming, what equipment is best?

DailyStoke Team

Many swimmers prefer to fully immerse themselves in the water when pounding out the laps. Hearing the sloshing in the ears and their own breath keeps a certain rhythm during exercise. However, there are definitely athletes who need to amp up their water workout.

Luckily, today’s market gives would-be aquatic music listening enthusiasts plenty of options. Below are just a few to consider:

  • The FINIS Duo is an underwater music listening device that doesn’t use earbuds! Instead, it uses internationally patented bone conduction technology. Tested at 3 meters for 30 minutes, the Duo can store up to 1000 songs or 60 hours of playback. The product is listed at $139.99 on
  • A less expensive option is the SYRN 8GM MP3 Player. Offering ‘swimbuds’ headphones and goggle, the extra-short cord connects the device hassle-free. The SYRN  is tested to 10 feet, holds up to 2,000 songs and retails for $60.00.
  • The Apple Watch Series 2 or later is able to swim with you. However, to listen to music via the device you’ll need to spend a little more. The Swimbuds Kit for Apple Watch will set you back $65.00, but will allow you to jam. The bundle includes a wireless audio receiver and MP3 player compatible with the Apple Watch. Several earbud options are available, including wireless.
  • Don’t forget about the cheapest method yet of just setting a boom box at the end of a lane. The audio won’t be great and you’ll annoy your lane neighbors, but you can still get tunes.

Photo by The World’s Best Outdoor Speakers

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