How do I keep my hair dry while swimming? Good tips here!

DailyStoke Team

Stepping into a pool, pond or other body of water, invites wetness onto all parts of your body. There’s no sure-fire way to keep your head of hair completely dry during a dip. But, you can mitigate the extent of moisture that invades your delicate tresses.

Staying in shallow water is one way to avoid getting your hair wet. Ensure your feet can touch the bottom of a pool to help stay stabilized. This will help minimize the likelihood going under, head of hair included.

Another way to keep your strands dry is to pin up long locks in a ‘top knot’ or a bun. This style results in your hair sitting on the top of your head like the artistic swimmers at the Olympics. Coil your hair up and secure it with an elastic and bobby pins to keep it from falling into chlorine-infested waters.

If you want to venture into deep water territory, investing in a swim cap would be in order. Relatively inexpensive at about $3 a pop, latex swim caps are the most readily available hair protectors available. Or, you can opt for a thicker, softer material such as silicone, which has a price point  in the $10 range.

But, just because you have a cap on, doesn’t mean you are bulletproof. All head coverings by all brands still result in water seeping through once your head is exposed to being under the water. The absolute penetration of water is less, but you will still walk out of the pool with semi-wet strands nonetheless.

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