Here is how you hide stretch marks when swimming

DailyStoke Team

Stretch marks are scars that develop when skin stretches or shrinks quickly. Growth spurts, pregnancy and rapid weight loss/gain can all be stretch mark inducers. Some people are self-conscious of these purple, pink or sometimes brown striations. This is especially true when swimsuit season comes around.

However, today’s vast swimwear market has something for everyone, including for those who are concerned about stretch marks. Have marks on your belly? Opt for a one-piece suit instead. The single-piece construction will help keep things in place when swimming laps or being active in the ocean.

Think your upper thighs have stretch marks too apparent for public? Try a skirted swimming bottom that is flattering, yet hides what you want to hide.

Rash guards are another terrific alternative for sensitive-skinned swimmers. Short-sleeved and long-sleeved options are available to cover up any areas you don’t want exposed. Most versions also contain SPF to help fight off the sun’s damaging rays.

Still stuck on a bikini? If you just have to have the two-piece look, you could go for a high-waisted bottom. These brief-style bikini pieces rise up to your belly button and beyond to still show off some skin. But, they have enough material to keep your stretch marks hidden.

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