Does your period stop when you go swimming? Here is an advice.

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Women around the world continue to swim indoors and out while on their periods. This goes for leisure swimmers and Olympic athletes alike.

Most often there is no physical limitation to swimming while on your period; the hesitation is only mental. However, tampons are available to use in lieu of pads, which give women aquatic freedom even when menstruating.

And, yes, tampons are necessary, even if you’ve heard the myth that periods stop when in water. You still need to take hygienic precautions even when immersed in the pool.

U by Kotex partner Dr. Jessica Shepherd, MD, MBA tells Teen Vogue that your period doesn’t necessarily stop when you’re in the water. However, the counter pressure of water might stop a menstrual flow from entering the water. Additionally, if you are swimming, according to Dr. Shepherd, the lack of gravity can hinder a menstrual flow from leaving the vagina.

Swimming can even help take your mind off of cramps or headaches that often accompany your period. So don’t let menstruating disrupt your swimming routine.

Just change your tampon as often as you normally would and never keep one inside for more than 8 hours. Also, be sure keep your tampon string tucked into your swim bottoms, carefully trimming the string  if necessary.

Photo by The Mirror

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