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Which Games can a Gambler Win the Most Money?

DailyStoke Team

People play casino games to win money and have fun. However, it is not all games that have an equal payout. The percentage varies from one game to the other. The casino’s payout rate determines the house edge. House edge is the statistical advantage a casino has in every game.

Therfore some people prefer lottery games, especially in the states where it is legal. For example, in Michigan. In 2018, the Michigan lottery promo code program pulled in $3.58 billion in revenue, with $941 million of that going to the schools, with the rest going to winners and expenses.

It is possible to reduce the house edge through practical strategies, but the best way to earn a lot of money is to play games with the lowest house edge. If you play these games many times, there are high chances that you will walk out with some good earnings. Here are games that can earn you the most money in a casino.

Blackjack – Single Deck (House Edge 1.5%)

Blackjack variants are in the 52 cards. When you play a single deck game, your chances of winning increase significantly. Single deck game of blackjack substantially lowers the house advantage. If you add some basic skills and sound financial backing, your prospects of retaining your money and also walking away with the casino’s money are greatly improved.

Craps (House Edge from 5% t0 1.4%)

Craps is one of the most exciting games in a casino. It has many rules which make most people stay away. However, it has one of the lowest house edges. The don’t come/don’t pass bets have a small house edge of 1.4%.

Baccarat (House Edge from 1.5%)

Baccarat is a lot more about strategy and less action around the table. Many players prefer to bet on a Tie, Banker, or Player. The card has strict rules on card distribution. The best bet is on the Player because a bet on Banker means there is an extra fee. Baccarat has one of the lowest house edges compared to other casino games.

Three Card Poker (House Edge 1.5%)

Three card poker is popular in casinos because of its speed. The dealer hands out three cards to each player and the house. The payout dependents on the dealer cards. You can apply basic poker skills in this game. The Queen high provide the best chances of winning.

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