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Before you dive in for a tour deep under the sea, you need to have the right equipment. We know it would be nice to see what is underneath the sea. The aquatic life of the sea is fascinating to see, you may find a shark or even a mermaid. There are some keen swimmers, who wish to explore the sea world. If you are the one, go and get an underwater scooter for yourself.


These underwater scooters have specially been designed by Yamaha for the recreational divers. They help divers move through the water and make the most of their time exploring the sea world. A variety of underwater scooters offered by the company include the Yamaha RDS200 Seascooter (starting at $400), the Yamaha RDS300 Seascooter ($675) and the Yamaha Explorer Seascooter in $300.

Visit: yamahaseascooters.com


TUSU also offers a great deal on some underwater scooters. The company has specially designed all the underwater adventure sports products that include some of the most efficient underwater scooters. The TUSA SAV-7 EVO3 Scooter DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) is one of the most famous underwater scooters made by the company. You can get it for a whopping $3,799.95.

Visit: tusa.com


Scubajet underwater scooters are also considered to be some of the most amazing reliable on the market. Professional scuba divers can cruise the water with the right diving equipment. You can get some amazing underwater scooters from Scubajet in the range of $1,400 – $1,750. .

Visit: scubajet.com


Bixpy also offers some of the best equipment. What’s more important here is that it has focused on offering such versatile equipment that can not only be used as dive scooters, but can at the same time be connected to a kayak, a standup paddleboard or even a boat. Have an exciting sea journey either with Bixpy Swim Jet – Snorkel Jet Edition ($725) or Bixpy Swim Jet – Scuba Jet Edition ($775).

Visit: bixpy.com

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