Vigtory Online Sportsbook App & Bonus Review

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Unique Online Sportsbook Vigtory Nearing New Jersey Launch

Every newcomer to an industry promises to be a game changer, to break the mold, to disrupt the traditional way of doing things.

In most cases, it’s just talk, a marketing slogan intended to draw attention to the product. In Vigtory’s case, there is meat on the bone when they make such a suggestion.

You could say that they are entering the online sports betting game with a bettor idea.

The Chicago-based company is promising to do something radical when it comes to wagering on sporting events. They intend to let the players keep more of their money.

Sam Rattner, chief executive officer at Vigtory, insists that their betting site will offer a wagering platform that has a 50 to 75 percent lower vig. The vig, or vigorish is the cut of a wager that goes to the sportsbook. 

Generally, industry standards are that the vig is 10 perent. In other words, to win $100 on a bet, a player would be required to wager $110. That’s what a betting line of -110 indicates. 

Victory is suggesting that with them, the betting line on that same game would be set at -105. The potential is there that Vigtory will therefore offer odds on wagers at a better percentage rate than traditional sportsbooks. This in itself should be enough to create a clientele for their operation and help convince players to signup to their site at a relatively good rate. 

Along with sports betting, they intend to take live streaming, ticketing and other elements of the sports industry and integrate them into one platform.

Rattner recently hired Scott Butera and named him co-CEO. Butera is a 30-year veteran of the industry He’s worked with casino operations, sports betting and iGaming platforms. Butera will head up strategy and corporate growth for the emerging online sports betting company.

Bet Vigtory Bonus

As a signup bonus offer, Vigtory is currently providing new players with three times their first deposit bonus. Newcomers who deposit $50 would get an additional $150 in bonus funds.